FBA restyled to become more member-led

The Forres Business Association is to restyle itself and become more member led and exist to provide support and guidance on issues which affect the town as and when it is needed.

Following an Extraordinary General Meeting which was held this week (Tuesday 13), the decision was taken to reduce the number of events the Forres Business Association (FBA) holds, but the feeling was the group should remain in operation.

Jock Gibson who was acting as co-chair of the Association explained: “The meeting was held to find out what people want from the FBA and whether there is a need for it in Forres. From the few people who attended the meeting, it seemed the feeling was that there was an appetite for the Association to remain should it need to be a voice for any issues affecting the town, but that we would reduce the number of events that we host and put more onus on the members and local businesses on coming up with ideas for events which the FBA will then help support.

“The first year the FBA was back in operation we had a whole host of events that were well attended, but attendance has tapered off with us even having to cancel a couple of events. What the FBA will do now, is support any business who wants to run an appropriate event or which has an idea. We will also provide support to local businesses if there is an issue that is raised which affects that part of the community.”

At the meeting, Jock Gibson and co-chair Gavin Ellis stood down from their roles, Jane Duncan Rogers the current secretary and Claire Doughty who handles PR & Marketing of the group will stay on as care-takers of the Association alongside Joanna Taylor.

“It was great to see the FBA being resurrected a couple of years ago,” added Jock, “and the committees that have been involved have worked hard to stage events, get the FBA involved in events such a Moray Business Week, and also find out what it is that people want from the association, however we appreciate that many of our members own their own businesses and attending regular meetings and events is not always manageable. we think that this new structure offers greater flexibility in the future approach of the FBA and that now the right people are in place to ensure this happens.”