AGM 27 June 2017

Annual General Meeting

Forres Business Association Committee Meeting


Knockomie Hotel

Apologies: Bernardo Mantilla, Lewis MacLean

1. Chairman’s Report.
Outgoing Chairman Marc Hindley reported thus:

Monthly events that were particularly appreciated were:

  • The Show Must Go On with Bernardo Mantilla
  • Film night
  • Burns Supper
  • Christmas meal
  • Inverness Toastmasters visit

A couple of meetings had to be cancelled (Speed Networking – not enough interest; and Mackenzie & Cruickshank talk – no access to water)

The Piping At Forres Window Competition was a success, but only after interest had been drummed up with someone walking down the High Street inviting people to take part. There were no official entries as a result of other ways of promotion, including to the FBA mailing list.New business The Village Greenery was the winner, out of about 20-30 entries in the end.

It was acknowledged that it is tricky getting people to acknowledge emails and attend events, and general consensus in the room seemed to be that Forresian folk like face to face contact best, as a marketing method.

It was acknowledged that some of the events were new to the membership, and that it could just take longer for these to be fully welcome. Different ways of networking were suggested.

2. Treasurer’s Report.
Outgoing Treasurer Duncan Gardner reported thus (full report available if wished).
There are 24 paid up members
Balance at 1st June 2016:£8042
Balance at end May 2017: £8610.93

3. Election/nomination of postholders
No-one wanted to stand or be nominated for either Chair or Treasurer.

This led to a discussion outlining the following options:

  • Dissolve the FBA
  • Mothball it
  • Change the constitution
  • Employ a treasurer
  • Employ someone in a start-up business who can represent FBA, visit all businesses in the area, and receive an introduction for their own business too.
  • Going forward to include events and situations already occurring, and on which FBA can associate themselves with, eg A96 dualling, Glasgow School of Art, the old church possible development, the development of the station.  FBA would therefore be drawing attention to itself alongside these events/meetings/developments.
  • There are 350 businesses within the IV36 postcode, but only 24 members; originally there were 45 members.
  • Look at the events happening within a year, eg Scottish Food Fortnight. And support existing functions
  • Pay someone to do the treasurer/administrator roles and for them to build relationships with all the businesses

4. Useful information received:

  • Duncan has a list of businesses in the High St and Industrial Estate
  • Forres Web online has a list of businesses
  • Set up an admin@fba email address as a way of directing info to other individuals and make links easy?
  • Graham Murdoch is the Community Council contact for business matters

5. Proposals were made and accepted thus:
Jock Gibson will take on a position of Co-Chair temporarily with Gavin Ellis for a period of 4-6 months and no longer than 9 months. Jane Duncan Rogers and Claire Doughty to continue in their roles as secretary and marketing focus. A plan to be developed that includes the good work and relationships that has already been created and can then look to the future.

FACT will also contribute to this. Peter Taylor offered to  Review the constitution to make it more flexible and suitable for the FBA’s requirements.

A book-keeper will be employed.
(PMN – Karen Sutherland of Macbeth Bookkeeping is going to maintain the accounts. It should be noted that Macbeth Bookkeeping bears no relationship to Macbeth’s Butchers apart from also maintaining their accounts)

6. Suggestions for committee to consider:

  • 20 mph speed limit in High st
  • Get more parking onto the High St to encourage shoppers
  • Get lorries off the High St
  • FBA to help businesses with a general knowledge about running a business and to knowing about resources, eg Business Gateway
  • Continue with events
  • Have a new committee meeting soon
  • Work out how to get to the large amounts of new people moving into Forres
  • Think about who we would really like as an anchor member for the FBA
  • Administrator to develop the marketing of FBA

Next Committee meeting: 14th July 1pm Knockomie

Next FBA Meeting to be confirmed